9-12-2010 17:35



Dear administrator of Esalat,

 I'm very happy that I've found your website and saw Former Afghan leader Mr. Babrak Karmal's picture and others. But please activate your activities between afghan youth so they'll know who this man was and why today afghan people don't know about him anymore. In the past he had a bad name by some people for his personal advantage, but now everyone knows who is behind those people and I am very happy that today his son's are making some videos about him that I saw at YouTube. I was very happy when I saw his historical picture's at those videos and I promise that I also have a lot of young friends to help you.

Thank you,

Ale Khan, Kabul- Afghanistan






کاپی و نقل مطالب از «اصالت» صرف با ذکر منبع و نام «اصالت» مجاز است

کلیه ی حقوق بر اساس قوانین کپی رایت محفوظ و متعلق به «اصالت» می باشد